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They say the best gifts are those given from the heart. My favorite gifts are ones that evoke special memories years later... many times these gifts are just encouraging words in a thoughtful note, or an excuse to share a story. I hope some of these will be your favorites to give and receive.
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I am so excited to have 2 adoption books available for purchase on Etsy! Each book has been tailored to the specific country’s adoption experience and utilizes the appropriate language. In addition, journals can be further customized with the family name and child's name. Versions for both single parents and dual parents are also available.


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The first journal created was inspired by an adopted boy I met from China, who over 10 years ago was infectiously singing "I am so happy" over and over in the grocery store and beaming joy... As he was a special needs child adopted by an AMAZING single mother – they both motivated me to creating a single parent/older child version of this book. This book was created in collaboration with my talented and gifted 13 year old niece (Isabel Vineyard) who painted the vivid watercolor backgrounds.


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Just released in February 2014, an Ethiopian version of the journal is now available! Bright water color illustrations were created by my 10 year old niece - Kylee Sanderson. Language is customized to the Ethiopian adoption experience and influenced by my dear childhood friend who recently returned with a beautiful baby girl with an amazing spirit.

More customized adoption journals to come soon! If you have a specific country or situation that you would like to document, please contact us!